Home For Sale in the Alamo Heights ISD Area-78209

Home For Sale in the Alamo Heights ISD Area-78209

Northridge Park  in San Antonio is one of the near northside communities developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The

sabor1040416 400x266 Home For Sale in the Alamo Heights ISD Area 78209

Northridge Park Home For Sale

home featured in this post is on a slab foundation and the core of this home completed in 1953. The area is served by the Alamo Heights Independent School District.

Northridge Park is about seven miles from the Riverwalk and about five miles from the Pearl District. The Quarry Market, Lincoln Heights, and North Star Mall are just a short commute from this home site.

Originally most homes in the area had two bedrooms and one bath. Livable space was around 1,000 square feet.

That was then. Now many of the homes have updated features and more livable space. The home featured here is now almost 2,000 square feet, increased from its original 1,100 square feet. The new addition contains an expanded master suite, and family room. Solid floors all. Not an inch of carpet in this house.

See the video to get a sense of  this bit of Americana. One of the bedrooms has wood paneling that was all the rage days gone by. It’s only one room so, if you are not into nostalgia of this sort, make a suggestion with your offer.

If you are looking to buy or sell your San Antonio home, or lot, call me. I can help you get it done.

Fences-Do They Make For Good Neighbors?

Fences-Do They Make For Good Neighbors?

Probably depends a lot on the neighbors and neighborhood. In

wood fence b Fences Do They Make For Good Neighbors?

six-foot privacy fence, example, San Antonio TX

many communities where homes were built during the past twenty-years, the six-foot privacy fence on each side and rear of the home is pretty standard in  subdivisions in the San Antonio area. The privacy fence used to be an upgrade, but now it’s pretty much a standard offering for homes from starter price to luxury.

For starter through mid-market priced homes you can expect to see some sort of wood privacy fence. From

wrought iron b Fences Do They Make For Good Neighbors?

Typical wrought iron fence in San Antonio TX

mid-market up through luxury you will find a mix of wood fencing at 6-8 foot in height or wrought iron fencing. There are a few communities where fencing for individual home sites is not allowed per HOA Rules.

Want a relatively safe place for your kids to play and to keep your pets in check, probably a good idea to have a fenced back yard. Don’t like people walking on your lawn? You may need to figure a way to limit access.


Purpose for Fence

  • Restrict access for safety or privacy concerns
  • Channel access to certain entry points on the property
  • Keep pets in designated area
  • Keep animals and unwanted persons off the property
  • Clearly define your property

Types of Fencing Materials

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Sod
  • Wire

If your property is within a  community with a HOA, check the rules regarding the allowable materials. Also refer to your survey to insure placement of the fence is on your property and is placed in such a way as to conform to the rules for your area. Property rights are near and dear to most home owners. Having a good fence makes it easy to be a good neighbor. You know what’s yours and they know what’s theirs.

Call me to help you find the right home for you.

Seminars at Blinded by Delight

Blinded by Delight is a San Antonio company to which I refer clients who have a need for window treatments. Cyndi Roberts is the owner of  the company. Cyndi and her crew are great to work with. They have a range of products that range from the truly budget-conscience up to the high-end luxury market.

Cyndi’s company can work residential and commercial settings. They did the window treatments in our office.

Blinded by Delight is presenting a series of seminars in their showroom covering  several design and decorating subjects. The eight-week series begins February 13. See the flyer below for details.

Blinded by Delight Seminars at Blinded by Delight

Seminar Schedule for Blinded by Delight

The seminars are free, but you will need to call the number listed to reserve your seat.

In addition to window treatments, Blinded by Delight can help with selecting and installation of mirrors, pictures, and pretty much any interior accessory. My clients have provided very positive feedback regarding Blinded by Delight.


Get Your San Antonio Home Sold-Avoid These Six Mistakes

Get Your San Antonio Home Sold-Avoid These Six Mistakes

If you try to take short cuts, and miss any of the important steps in

crying baby w border 400x281 Get Your San Antonio Home Sold Avoid These Six Mistakes

Help me sell my house

getting your home on the market, plan on being disappointed in the results, unhappy with the experience, and very frustrated. The way I see it, once you decide to make your home available for sale, getting an acceptable offer as quickly as possible is the second big objective. This baby is not happy. Probably tried to take a short cut.

The title for this post is simple; very simple indeed for  such a complex set of activities. Libraries, book stores, and hundreds of YouTube videos are available to provide analysis, suggestions, and tips on how to get your San Antonio home sold. In addition to the resource materials, you should also get advice from a competent REALTOR familiar with the real estate market in which the house is located.

The chart below, describes six mistakes that get in the way of getting a home sold quickly. So a simple solution is don’t do the mistakes shown on the chart. That will go a long way toward getting your home sold.

Biggest%20Home%20Seller%20Mistakes ActiveRain Oversized Get Your San Antonio Home Sold Avoid These Six Mistakes
Data provided by ActiveRain.com. ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.

Every home is different. But if you avoid violating the six pack of problems shown in the chart above, we can get your home sold.

In some instances, pricing changes may be needed on a monthly basis. So reference material may be good in a general sense, however your home selling strategy should be tailored for your local market. To have the best chance of getting your San Antonio home sold avoid the six mistakes. Call me so I can help you get your San Antonio home sold.

Where Are the Good Schools in San Antonio?

Where Are The Good Schools in San Antonio?

Where are the good schools or what are the best schools will

School 1 400x191 Where Are the Good Schools in San Antonio?

Where are the best schools?

generally be brought up fairly early in a discussion with potential buyers new to the area. It is a consideration for many whether they have school age children or not. School boundary areas can affect buying decisions.

While the question is valid, I am limited in my ability to answer. Not because I don’t want to answer but because I lack first hand knowledge. My information is anecdotal at best and that is not the best way to come to a decision on something so important.

I suggest prospective buyers review information on a website like Great Schools. This site has empirical data important for making an informed decision. Potential buyers can make an appointment with school officials before making an offer on a home to acquaint themselves with building layout, administrators and staff attitudes, and to just get a general impression of the schools.

This is an important step and should not be overlooked if one is concerned regarding any special needs your child may have.

San Antonio is a growing city and boundary changes occur as the student population grows beyond the physical capacity of schools. In my neighborhood there have been three elementary school changes over the fourteen years we’ve lived in the area, one middle school change, and one high school change. Where your kids begin their public school education is not necessarily where they’ll finish.

One of our brokerage disclosures is an alert that school boundary changes can occur and your REALTOR has no control over how school assignments are made.

People who live in neighborhood in which you are considering buying may be able to provide some general guidance on how they like the schools. I don’t think anything beats being on the campus yourself to get a general view of how things seem to be run, especially at the elementary school level.

The focus of this post is public schools. There are no boundary issues with private schools, however the decision regarding which school to select and the evaluation process is, to me, the same for public or private school.

Once you decide the school district in the San Antonio area that seems to work for you, let’s work on finding you a home near the good schools.


Homes On or Near San Antonio Golf Courses

Homes on or Near San Antonio Golf Courses
Homes adjacent to golf courses

golf course homes 400x209 Homes On or Near San Antonio Golf Courses

Golf Course Homes

or very near golf courses are available in the San Antonio area. See the link, below.

Homes in golfing communities are available in the Dominion, the Quarry, Cordillera Ranch, Fair Oaks Ranch and several other communities. Some homes are adjacent to courses and others are just a cart ride away. Lots of choices and prices ranging from the mid- $200s up to mid-seven figures.

An avid golfer in San Antonio can get in some quality rounds every month of the year. The low temperature this morning was 32 degrees, but by early afternoon, it was in the low 60s. And considering the small number of days we experience freezing temperatures, this is a good area for golfing, all year.

See the chart below for golf courses in the San Antonio area.

Golf Clubs in San Antonio Homes On or Near San Antonio Golf Courses

San Antonio Golf Clubs

If golf is in your blood, or if you just want to be in a golf community, take a look at available homes in the area and give me a call for more detailed information. 


Should You Add Your Closing Costs to Your Home Loan?

Should You Add Your Closing Costs to Your Home Loan?

When you decide to buy a home, in addition to the cost of the home, you will also have costs that fall into two

Closing Costs Add to Loan Mix or Not Red Frame Should You Add Your Closing Costs to Your Home Loan?

Should You Consider Rolling  Closing Costs Into Home Loan?

categories. One category is fees associated with the loan and its processing, the work performed by the title company and its attorney, title insurance, first year property insurance payment, and in some cases fees payable to Surveyors or other service providers involved in performing tasks to get the transaction completed.

The second broad category are Pre-Paid Items. If a home loan is involved, the Lender will generally require an escrow account be established to capture funds for future payments of property taxes and the next year’s property taxes.

Three Reasons to Seriously Consider Rolling Closing Costs to the Loan

  1.  If you are confident that you will not have to move or sell this home within the next five-years (ten-years would be better, but it’s really impossible to see the future)
  2. Paying the Closing Costs will eliminate your cash reserves. If paying these charges will wipe out your reserves, you may not qualify for the loan anyway.
  3. Your current living arrangement will be significantly be improved if you can financially qualify and move into this home.

Three Reason to Avoid Rolling Closing Costs Into the Loan

  1. If you anticipate relocating in less than five-years. There is a good chance that when you sell your home, the amount owed, and the cost of selling the house will require you to bring money to satisfy your obligation. You will in effect pay your initial closing costs when you sell the home. That hurts your ability to get a home in your next location.
  2. Generally, the interest rate charged will be greater when Closing Costs are rolled into the loan.
  3.  In addition to the higher interest rate, the borrower is paying interest on the closing costs which are rolled into the loan

If you decide to roll the Closing Costs into the loan, you can soften the blow. How you ask? By increasing the payments made monthly. Since most of the payments early in the life of the loan covering interest expenses, over payments are applied to the principal. Your Lender can show you how the loan balance can be reduced by consistently paying more than the minimum balance.

Your lender will consider your request to include closing cost but they can approve or decline the request.

Deciding whether or not to roll Closing Costs into your home loan will depend on your personal financial situation. It may work under some conditions and in other cases, it’s not a good decision. Get a qualified team: a competent Loan Officer and good REALTOR® to help you explore your options. I’d like to be that REALTOR® on your team. Call me if I can help you in the greater San Antonio area. If you are looking for help in other parts of the country, I can introduce you to qualified experts anywhere in the free world. Call me.

First-Time Home Buyers in San Antonio

First-Time Home Buyers In San Antonio

Original Posted at: http:///actvra.in/48DP

Lots of decisions involved in deciding where to live. How much we are willing to spend, how much we are willing to

First time home buyer in San Antonio 400x284 First Time Home Buyers in San Antonio

Will this work for a first-time home buyer in San Antonio?

borrow, and commute times to work are usual factors that affect the where to buy decision.

Based on my experience, first-time home buyers in San Antonio the budget is the largest single factor involved in what they buy. Commute time to work and quality of schools are the next in ranking of important factors.

First time buyers have lots of decisions to make. Understanding their financial limitations, and appreciating the obligations of home ownership are two key ingredients in making decisions that can lead to success or failure.

As a REALTOR®, I like to lay out the broad financial obligations, but I prefer a Loan Officer provide the explanation of the loan process, Lender information requirements, and optional loan programs to which a Client may qualify for or have an interest in examining.

I think this all works best if the financial issues are largely worked out before the search for a specific home begins. It is a typical requirement to submit a financial pre-approval letter or proof of funds for a cash transaction with an offer.

First-time home buyers in San Antonio have no reason to fear meeting with a Loan Officer or REALTOR® to get a sense of the amount they can qualify for a home. This is a no-cost, or very low-cost meeting. Low-cost if a hard credit report is pulled. I am available to help you get started on qualifying for a home loan and finding a home that meets your needs. Call me.

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Fan Fiesta at Market Square

Fan Fiesta at Market Square

From December 27th through the 31st down at Market Square there will be a fan fiesta loosely associated with the Valero Alamo Bowl. It really doesn’t take much for us to declare a fiesta in San Antonio. A good football game is just a good a reason as any.


Market Square Fan Fiesta Fan Fiesta at Market Square

Market Square Fan Fiesta. Dec 27-31, 2013

Check the Fan Fiesta at Mariachi and Hidalgo Plazas at Market Square, 514 W. Commerce Street, 78207.

There will be food booths, art and craft vendors and over 100 shops for your buying and browsing pleasure. The Fan Fiesta will end on New Year’s Eve.

Here is the website for the event: Market Square Fan Fiesta.

San Antonio’s-The Hollow at Inwood

San Antonio’s-The Hollow at Inwood

The Hollow at Inwood is a small community of around two-hundred twenty homes found just off Huebner Road between Bitters Road and Loop 1604. It is a gated community. Development of this community began in the mid-1990s.

Hollow at Inwood 2 500x385 San Antonios The Hollow at Inwood

Hollow at Inwood


Principal Builders

The principal builders in The Hollow at Inwood were Centex Homes, David Weekley Homes, and Japhet Homes. That’s a pretty stable group considering they are all still in business in the area  and that is almost twenty years ago. The homes have appreciated in value.

Current Price Range

Over the past year, homes sold in The Hollow at Inwood prices have ranged in price from $306,000 for a 2,484 square foot one-story ranch to around $365,000 for a large five-bedroom, two-story home. Current inventory will satisfy 3-4 months in sales at the current rate.

During the past year there were no short-sales or foreclosures reported in The Hollow at Inwood.


Neighborhood Amenities

The community has a pool, tennis courts, park and playground. Current HOA fee is $200 per quarter.


Northeast Independent School District currently assigns children in this community to Blattman Elementary, Hobby Middle School, and Clark High School. Verify this information with the school district if  assignments to these specific schools are important to you.


There is no shortage of  stores, malls, restaurants, and medical service providers in the area. There is no public transportation within easy walking distance of this community so access to a vehicle is required.



The Hollow at Inwood should be on your list of communities to consider if you are looking for a nice home in the mid-$300K price range in north San Antonio. Northeast Independent School District has some great schools, and teachers. There seems to be lots of parental involvement in the schools and that goes toward getting a good educational result.

Looking for a home in north San Antonio?  Call me to help you with your  Search homes for sale in The  Hollow at Inwood.

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